What Others Say About VetBalance

R. Gertenson in Orange, California said.

Jeff, "I couldn't belive it Turbo licked the bowl for a half hour after he was finished eating. I'll definatley be buying this again!!"

David in Westin FL said.

"I used to tell people that my male bull mastiff picked at his food through out the day, but he would eat every kibble at once when we sprinkled H.O.P.E. on it - but that probably sounds familiar to you...!!!"

C. Harrison from SLC UT. says.

"The increase in vitality that my dog Kane has is absolutely amazing!"

R. Olson from Las Vegas says

"I normally feed my Rat Terrier Buddy in the morning, he used to nibble all day long but now he eats it all at once, he must like it because he even licks the bowl clean"

L. King in Idaho says

"We have two Golden Retrievers Lady and Tramp, after using H.O.P.E.™ for one month their coats have this incredible shine to them and they just seem to act more happy."

Tim in Tampa, FL says

"H.O.P.E.™ for pets has re-energized our older Lab Max"

K. Barton in los Angeles says

"We used to feed our two dogs in the same bowl and they would eat when they were hungry, we now have to give separate bowls because they eat it all at once."

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