A Message From The VetBalance Developer - Dr. William M. Barnett, D.V.M.

Over the past 31 years, I've dedicated myself to researching almost every aspect of animal nutrition and its relationship to health and longevity. I have worked with show and obedience dogs, working breeds such as hunting and guard dogs, high-performance racing dogs and sled dogs, as well as extraordinary pets like yours.

Dr. Bill Barnett Introducing HOPE for pets in January 2007 Newport Beach CaliforniaAfter graduating years ago from Veterinary Medicine, I learned a very important fact about dogs and cats. Actually, this goes for all animals.

Health inherently relies on the three "Forces of Life".

Genetics, Environment and Nutrition.

Control these three forces and you can control health. This knowledge comes from years of studying the available scientific literature. Considering that both man and animal would profit from staying healthy rather than having to seek treatment after they become sick, it would benefit us all to understand how these forces affect our health and well-being.

I have spent more than 31 years working either directly or indirectly with animals. During that time, I have witnessed a disturbing trend.

Mankind really has not learned much from Mother Nature or else we tend to ignore her based on convenience.

Today, no matter where I am, I hear story after story concerning mans best friend.

The statistics are daunting. Over 50% of our dogs are overweight, lethargic, easily fatigued and suffer from the many side effects of obesity. More than 1 out of every 5 suffers from hip dysplasia and/or some form of osteoarthritis. Pets suffer from every cancer known to man, and autoimmune diseases are becoming more common every day.

Dogs, in particular, have become inflammatory time bombs requiring medication after medication just to get through life without chewing, scratching or whimpering in pain.

Why do our pets get sick? Why have so many genetically predisposed illnesses become commonplace? Why is poor behavior turning happy dogs ornery or miserable? Mainstream medicine doesn't seem to be able to find the answers - yet these problems cause millions of pets to be euthanized each and every year.

To me, not being able to explain exactly why it happens is just not good enough. I have witnessed firsthand how all of these health problems cause fear, frustration and agonizing pain to you the owners.

Without insurance - medical bills, prescription costs and office visits all take their toll.

And, no one wants to be forced to make a decision such as putting his or her pet to sleep.

So I decided to use all of my training to find a solution.

After years of study and consultation with some of the best minds in the field of veterinary medicine, I can say without hesitation that health problems occur more frequently in dogs and cats today than they used to.

There are many theories concerning this, but I can tell you that this trend could be easily reversed if we would only pay more attention to the awesome power of the three "Forces of Life" that I learned about years ago. All three exert phenomenal influence on the health and well-being of all animals. This is how they can affect our pets:


Genetics. Puppy mills indiscriminately breed dogs and cats in order to produce those cute faces we see in pet store windows. Even top breeders of show animals have been known to compromise good breeding practices in hopes of gaining a new champion. When we pass on weak genes from generation to generation, the eventual results are offspring that exhibit the traits and diseases associated with poor breeding choices.


Environment. All too often, the environment we place our pets into can wreak havoc on their health. Lung cancer in pets is on the rise because of second-hand smoke in the home. We often choose a pet simply for how they look, yet may not be equipped to provide them the space or attention they need. Convenience often usurps doing the right thing. And, it's a sad fact that human abuse of animals - the most severe of negative environmental factors - continues to be a problem.


Nutrition. Even if we wanted to, feeding our pets an optimum level of nutrition would be difficult given the pet foods we have today. As owners we need to question the message provided by our commercial manufacturers and require much more of their products. Nutrition is the foundation of life. We owe it to our pets to do everything possible to get it right.

Today nutritional guidelines are based on minimums, not optimum amounts. This is a less costly way to feed dogs and cats, unless you factor in the long-term veterinary costs that result from more frequent visits due to poor health. The bad news - there is a huge difference between the basic "maintenance diet" that your dog is presently eating and one that could be completely balanced for your specific pet, its activity level, the climate it lives in and the amount of stress it experiences. Do not be misled by marketing hype...the majority of today's commercially prepared diets are providing minimal nutrition levels at best.

The good news - out of all of the forces of life that determine your pets health and well-being, Nutrition is the easiest to control.

One of the best ways to improve your pets daily diet is through nutritional supplementation. Once thought of as unnecessary, supplementation is now regarded as a valuable option across all kinds of lifestyles. Today, we supplement children's diets, athletes, senior citizens and many other nutritional situations. Nutritional supplementation is also one of the fastest growing segments of veterinary medicine as we professionals learn of the benefits of keeping an animal nutritionally fit in order to prevent disease rather than treat it once it occurs.

The question is not why but why not supplement our pets diets?

Supplements, when properly formulated, can literally transform a maintenance diet into one that provides optimum levels of all nutrients. Fully balanced supplements can replace varying portions of a diet, which can cut down on caloric intake without depriving either the dog or cat of any essential nutrients required for optimum health and wellness.

I believe in taking a positive course of action when it comes to solving problems. For the sake of your pets, you can choose to improve their nutritional intake. Try adding VetBalance to your pets regular diet and you will see first hand what optimum nutrition can do for your pet. I guarantee you will like the results you see.

The creation of VetBalance involved formulating a delicious supplement that owners could easily add to their pets food. With no other way to ensure optimal nutrition, pet owners now have the chance to augment and fortify their dog or cats normal diet with all of the key nutrients needed to create health and well-being throughout their entire lives


VetBalance provides all of the elements that are missing from everyday pet foods, and it helps bridge the nutritional gap that is responsible for the health problems that many of our pets suffer from.

With the highest of quality proteins, essential amino acids, vital nutrients, key minerals and supporting specialty nutrients, VetBalance makes every meal a delicious treat that's brimming with optimum nutrient levels.

The VetBalance concentrated powder formula will actually make your pet feel better in just a few days. You'll see attitude changes. Your dog will want to play more. Your dogs skin and hair coat will respond within 30 days of being fed the right nutrients. Look for a shinier coat, less shedding and a reduction in the amount of itching and scratching.

Add in a little more exercise to go with your pets new nutritionally balanced diet and you'll also notice increased muscle mass and a decrease in fat stores. As normal weight is achieved, look for a more active, responsive and alert best friend. Although it will take longer for the "internal results" to occur, I guarantee that inside changes are happening. As your pets cardiovascular and digestive system improves, their bones and joints strengthen and brain function increases - you will begin to see the results I promise you will take place.

Already, thousands of owners have seen how VetBalance can create remarkable improvements in their pets life.

Thanks to VetBalance, my pets and so many others are full of the kind of dynamic energy that every dog and cat should be able to enjoy.

Considering what this formula does, I am looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you. I want to hear your story, see the pictures and share the joy I know you will experience in knowing that you are doing everything you can to make your pet live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Yours for optimal pet nutrition,

William M. Barnett, D.V.M.

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