Were You Feeding Your Pet
H.O.P.E.™ For Pets?

So Were We!
We too lost our source for this phenomenal pet nutrition supplement that did so much to help our Pete!

The trade mark H.O.P.E.™ for pets belongs to the now extinct marketing concern of ITV Ventures, which as of October 1, 2008 stopped their marketing efforts of all of its products including H.O.P.E.™ for pets. Unfortunately being extinct there are still a few skeletons around and regardless of the legal, financial, and alleged deeds of ITV, some of their products, are excellent high quality products and the manufacturers of them are very much stand up companies, honest and forthright who are trying to distance them self from the utter mention of the name ITV. In addition those involved with the sale of the products thru network marketing, small and large home based business were also left with a sudden loss of product line and income.

That being said

Well we went on a search for the product that made such a difference in our Pete and Daisy! We found Dr. Bill Barnett developer of VetBalance, who private label packaged a version of his spectacular pet nutrition supplement for ITV under the name H.O.P.E.™ for pets while maintaining the integrity of the original brand. He is one of those honest and forthright high integrity individuals who we speak of above! Passionate about what he does, passionate about the health of your pet!

If you are a previous customer of ITV and have had your pet on H.O.P.E™ and can no longer find the product any more and your auto ship orders have stopped, and you want your special friend to be nourished with the absolute best supplement on the market today you have come to the right place! Rest assured that your beloved pet can still get all the nutritional benefits they need and more in the original proprietary blend. Do you think the good Dr. would really take the chance and sell his best stuff to someone else? of course not! You also have additional product choices with VetBalance that were not available with H.O.P.E&trade, all available here at pet-formula.com and be assured there is absolutely NO connection here in any way to ITV Ventures

ITV™ with all their many troubles did their homework, and did get in our opinion one thing right buy choosing the highest quality pet nutritional supplement available for their private label product H.O.P.E.™ for Pets.

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