Supplements That Add Life to Your Pets Years And Years to Your Pets Life.
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VetBalance Dog Supplement
Canine Wellness Formula
VetBalance Feline Wellness Supplement
Feline Wellness Formula
VetBalance Dog Joint Supplement
Pro Joint Formula

How do I use VetBalance Dog Supplements and Cat Supplements?

VetBalance pet supplements are very easy to use: Simply sprinkle on top of wet or dry pet food. When feeding more than once a day, divide the daily dosage among the meals. We use a plastic coffee container to mix VetBalance for Pete and Daisy by simply putting the required dosage of dog supplement with the required amount of food for both dogs. Shake it up then divide between the two adding hot water to make a gravy, they love it!

What changes will I be able to see in my pet while on VetBalance Pet supplements?

When you begin using VetBalance dog supplements and cat supplement the first thing I hear most is that dogs who normally pick at their food eat it all at once you may even notice that they ask for it in their own dog way, You'll see what I mean after the first couple of feedings. Many pet owners see improvements in coat and skin appearance, an increase in energy and vitality levels within a couple of weeks, improvement in their pets' overall health although not immediate they are noticed within a short time span.

Are VetBalance Dog Supplements and Cat Supplement safe to combine with my pets' medications?

As a rule it is always better to consult your pets veterinarian before placing your pet on any health care regime.

Why is VetBalance Dog supplements and Cat Supplement a powder?

VetBalance dog supplements and cat supplement are delivered in powder form for easier use and actually adds taste to your pet's food. It would take many capsules of tablets of other pet supplements to deliver the same amount of nutrition found in one scoop of VetBalance. Both the dog joint supplement and Vitamin Breath are delivered in a great tasting tablet form.

Are VetBalance Dog Supplements And Cat Supplement good for pets of any age?

Your pets need certain essential nutrients no matter what their age is. VetBalance pet supplements provide these essential nutrients in amounts you can control, because during some life stages, such as pregnancy or for high-performance pets, the amount needed will increase slightly.

Does VetBalance Dog Supplements and Cat Supplement have any taste?

VetBalance Pet Supplements have a taste your pet will love, most pets are very eager for their daily feedings when you feed them VetBalance.

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