Optimum Nutrition = Optimum Health = Optimum Performance!

Dog Supplement
Canine Ultimate Fitness

Dog supplement provides:

. Over 76 key nutrients and vitamins and is used by thousands of Veterinarians, breeders and show dogs around the country!
. Omega-3 fatty acids and phospholipids for healthy skin and coat.
. Antioxidants to protect against free radical oxidation and support cellular health.
. Probiotics & enzymes to aid in the digestion and utilization of nutrients.
. A proprietary blend of nine highly concentrated protein sources that are the building blocks for strong, healthy cells.
. Natural immune enhancers and joint lubricants.

We love your product ... everyone comments on their coats- very awesome. Had a vet visit yesterday and took the Vet-Balance bag with me- our vet very impressed with ingredients- especially the Taurine.
Marianne G. & Gail T. Cape Coral FL

Are You Here Because You Don't Have A Lot Of Confidence In Your Pet's Food?

Are you thinking you need to add dog supplements because you are concerned that your pet just isn't getting the nutritional values needed to be at optimum health and peak vibrancy. Well you have every reason to be and here's why, most pet foods including premium dog foods are formulated to minimum nutritional guidelines! Minimum means what? Well, in simple terms it means the lowest amount needed to keep your pet alive, it does not provide for optimum health, performance or longevity. Optimum is the exact opposite; optimum is the absolute best result obtainable and that's what you get when you add dog supplements to your pets food.

Dog Supplements Bridge the "Nutrition Gap"

Dog supplements bridge the nutrition gap between minimum nutritional value provided by commercial pet foods and optimum nutrition buy adding 76 key nutrients including:

  • 11 high quality protein sources
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • 25 essential vitamins and minerals
  • 9 digestive Enzymes
  • 14 specialty nutrients
See the difference it makes in your pet by adding Dog Supplements, the cost is minimal because it's 100% guaranteed. Give your pet the gift of optimum nutrition!

What Makes Dog Supplements So Good?

The dog supplements formula is a culmination of thirty years of research and development by renowned former Army veterinarian and published researcher, Dr. William Barnett, DVM. His dog supplements formula is a scientifically advanced pet nutritional supplement formulated to provide all of the essential elements needed for the promotion and maintenance of optimum health in both canines and felines.

Dr. Barnett advocates three elements to achieve optimum pet health and longevity:
  1. Controlling glucose levels and insulin spikes.
  2. Reducing free radical oxidation responsible for premature cell death.
  3. Reducing the quantity of food eaten, while increasing its quality.

Dr. Barnett designed his dog supplements to accomplish those goals by incorporating antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients into a condensed formula, allowing pets to eat less while still receiving proper amounts of essential nutrients.

Just a small amount of our dog supplements on a daily basis can:
  • Convert a minimally balanced diet into a fully nutritional meal.
  • Assure that essential nutrients that are needed for optimal health are present.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of lasting dog health and longevity.

What sets pet Supplement apart from other Dog Food supplements?

  • It provides your pet with all 12 essential vitamins, 9 essential minerals, and 72 additional micro-minerals.
  • It will make your pet healthier and capable of living a longer life.
  • It is highly concentrated and fully balanced-a small amount can replace a portion of pet food and still provide optimum absorption of nutrients.
  • It is rich in antioxidants, probiotics, and enzymes, which help support cell health, fight free radicals, and aid in digestion.
  • Contains GlycoMarine® specifically targeting and maintaining joint health.
  • It works well with all diets: raw, dry or wet pet foods.

What You Gain With Dog Supplements

Most likely the very first thing you will see is how your pet eats! Walking away from a dish with Dog supplements added is almost unheard of. What you will also see is your pet will begin to feel better after just a few days. He will be more active and want to play more and will be more alert and responsive. As you progress through the first month of daily feeding Dog supplements you will begin to see external results taking place with their skin and coat as it becomes shinier and sheds less, your friend will scratch and itch less too.

The long term internal benefits of dog supplements may not be noticed right away; but be assured they are taking place because a lot of the nutrients are specifically put in to protect against age related challenges such as joint degeneration, decline in immune competence and digestive disorders. A healthy pet makes fewer visits to the vet and lives a longer life. Unlike most dog supplements, doesn't just target one area of your pet's health, Dog supplements will Target them all!

Optimum Nutrition= Optimum Health = Optimum Performance!
"You'll add life to your pets' years and years to your pets' life!"


"How Much Do I Need" (Canine Wellness)
Pet SizeScoops per DayRecommendation
1 to 13 lbs.
One 12 oz. bag every 90 days
14 to 30 lbs.
One 24 oz. bag every 90 days
31 to 60 lbs.
1 1/2
One 12 oz. bag every 30 days
61 to 100 lbs.
Two 24 oz. bags every 90 days
Over 100 lbs.
One 24 oz. bags every 30 days

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