Winter and Your Pets

Dog-Snow-300x200 The days are short this time of year.  They can also be cold and dreary.  All of these things can certainly have an effect on you, but did you know they can have the same kind of effect on your pets?  Here are a few tips to help you both make it through the winter.

Just like you, your pets need natural light.  The numeral endocrine system is affected when your pet doesn’t get enough sun.  Your pet can get some light through a glass window, and they do make ultraviolet — admitting plastic windows.   But being out in the natural light is the best, so walk your pet in the sunlight as much as possible.

Waling a dog in winter is much easier than a cat.  But your cat needs sunlight as well.  So make sure that when you leave for work that there is a window that they can get near and lay in the sun.  Also if the weather does warm up a bit in some day open a window to give them some fresh air, even if it is only for 30 minutes or so they will be so happy you did.

When you walk your pet in the winter, you need to wipe your pet’s paws when you get back.  The products that people use to melt snow and ice can be harmful to your pets.  Also pets are sensitive to the cold so you might want to let your pet care growing longer in the winter months, it helps them keep warmer.  Also in cold weather you should not keep your pet outside. If they are normally an outside pet when the weather is extremely cold you do need to bring t hem out of the elements.

Some days it the weather may be just too bad for you and your pet to brave some exercise outside.  But even if the weather is bad your pet still needs to get exercise.  Utilize your stairs, both of you and run up and down them until one of you gets tired. Even cats like to play this game, and everyone get some exercise, even you.

You always hear the warning in the summer about the dangers of a pet inside a hot car.  But you must also be careful in the winter as well.  A pet should never be left unattended in a car in the winter because they could freeze to death.  Just like a refrigerator holds cold air inside so can your car, allowing your precious pet to get very cold and possibly freeze.

The cold months can be a great time for you to bond with your pet as well.    What better time to sit and cuddle up with your pet than on a cold blustery day. If you are watching a TV or reading a book, they will enjoy sitting right next to you and feel your warmth and love.   This bonding time will be of benefit to both you and your pet attitudes so go enjoy the winter months with your pet

Time To Clean

Dog-Toys-300x199 The holidays are over and the New Year is here.  As you are putting away your holiday decorations, why not do a little spring cleaning early.  Now is the perfect time to go through all the holiday items and get rid of any pieces you don’t use or want.  Once you’ve eliminated the unwanted items you can organize the keepers into plastic containers.  These containers will help you keep your items better protected through the year.

Be sure that is you are cleaning that you keep your pets in mind. You want to be picking up any rubber bands strings or ribbons that may have fallen on the floor.  If there are broken pieces of items keep them away from your pets.  You know how curious your pet can be, and of course all these things will go right into their mouth and that can be bad for your pet’s health.

While  you’re in cleaning mode why not clean your pet’s toys.  If your dog has any rubber or plastic toys you can mix a vinegar and water solution and wash the toys.  Use 50% vinegar and 50% water.  If the toys have squeakers in them, you might want to tape the holes so water does not get in them.

You can do the same with plastic and rubber toys that your cat may have.  If you have toys for your cat and you can wash those in a mild detergent in the washing machine.  Use a gentle cycle and for small cat toys use a lingerie bag so they don’t clog your washing machine.  Now is also the time to wash all the pet bedding too. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing him.

Also now is a good time to go through all the pet toys.  If they are beat up, go ahead and throw them out.  Dogs and cats have their favorite toys, and it may be hard to throw those out.  But you may have to after you have taken a good look at it.  Is it cracking so that small pieces could be eaten by your pet?  If so you want to toss it out.  You will be surprised how many toys your pets have accumulated over time.  Only when you get them all in one place do you see how many they have, another good reason to clean them.

For those of you in the cold weather climates, you know that it won’t be getting warm anytime soon.  So take a moment now and clean the litter box.  Dump all the old litter in the trash. Use the vinegar and water solution to clean the box.  It will help kill the bacteria and also neutralize the odors as well.  Then refill the litter box with new litter.

Even the most well trained animals occasionally have accidents in the house.  So use this time of cleaning to go back and clean and spots where your pets may have piddled. Vinegar is safe for most surfaces, but will not work on stone floors.

So happy new year and happy clean house.

Happy New Year

New-Year-Dog-199x300 Happy New Year and welcome to 2013!  I am sure a lot of you are thinking about or maybe have already made your resolutions.  Many of you have probably decided to get in better shape and exercise more in this New Year.  Why not include your pets in your quest for better fitness this year.

Walking is a great form of exercise and your dog will love you if you decide to include him in your daily walks.  Walking is a fantastic way for you to increase your daily activity, and it requires very little equipment, just a good pair of shoes. You also don’t have to go to a gym to walk.  You can walk around your neighborhood sidewalks; if you are in the country; enjoy the woods when you walk.  If you are in the city and live in apartment building, the stairs become an instant gym.  Take you dog on these walks; they need to exercise just like you do.

Many dog owners find that their dogs are much better behaved when they increase the amount they walk them.  This makes sense, think about it if you were at home each and every day with, you would get bored and try and find something to do that is what Fido is doing when he chews your new shoes, just looking for something to do. Increasing his physical activity will keep him fit and help to keep him content when he is indoors.

If you really want to wear your dog out, then take him to the park to play fetch.  It is amazing how long your dog will run after his favorite toy. It will give him great exercise and once again it gets you up and moving as well.

If you have a cat you can include then in your daily exercise as well. They, just like dogs, need to get daily exercise.  Some people do take their cats for walks on a leash, but for the most part you need to find other ways to exercise them. Cats love to stalk and prey on things.  So if you have one of those cat toys on a string, stand up and play with your cat. Run the sting around the room and let them chase it.

Cats are great, because you can just get a piece of string and they chase it thinking it is the best toy in the planet.  If your cat likes strings then take a string that it will be long enough to touch the floor when you raise it over your head.  Now you can play with your cat by raising the sting over your head and let him chase it. He gets to play and you are moving your arms around and running around the room too.

None of these activities are going to turn you into a body builder, but they do get you and you pets moving more and that is beneficial you both. If you combine this with a better diet for both you and your pet you will both be on the way to a healthier 2013.


Optimum Nutrition = Optimum Health

As a pet owner we consider pet health and wellness to be just as important as our own. In order to raise an energetic healthy pet it is essential to establish optimum nutrition for them. The purpose of this blog is to discuss optimum pet health and optimum Pet Nutrition. In addition to Pet Health the sharing of the awesomeness of our beloved pets dog or cat.

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