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We love your product ... everyone comments on their coats- very awesome. Had a vet visit yesterday and took the Vet-Balance bag with me- our vet very impressed with ingredients- especially the Taurine.
Marianne G. & Gail T. Cape Coral FL

Pet Supplements That Add Life to Your Pets Years And Years to Your Pets Life.

Are you thinking you should add dog supplements or cat supplements to your pets food because you are concerned that your pet just isn't getting the nutritional values necessary to be at optimum health and peak vibrancy? Well you've got every reason for being so and here is why, as a rule pet food including premium pet foods are formulated to minimum nutritional guidelines! Minimum means what? Well, in down-to-earth terms it means the lowest quantity necessary to keep your pet alive, it doesn't provide for optimum health, longevity, performance and vitality. Optimum is the precise opposite; optimum is the very best result obtainable and that is what you obtain whenever you include VetBalance® dog supplements or cat supplements to your pets food.

As a pet owner you should consider pet nutrition and pet health to be just as important as your own. You should also know that taking good care of your family pet requires more than just an annual examination and vaccines, since age acceleration in pets is dramatically faster, potential illnesses like heart disease and kidney disease can show up on our pets before you know it. The point where most dogs and cats reach middle age is approximately 4 years. Providing optimum pet nutrition is just as important to illness prevention as it is about treating it and maintaining pet health. Taking your pet to the vet once a year for a wellness check and shots, just like you have a physical once per year is a good start as long as you do it. All too often however vet visits are left to the last minute when your pet is already or the shots are long past due.

In order to raise an energetic healthy pet it is essential to establish optimum pet nutrition for them. As pet owners, we are responsible with providing the right amount of food that meets their energy needs, as well as all of the essential nutrients that are required to sustain an active healthy life. One might expect this to be easy but in reality somewhat difficult.

Your Journey to Optimum Pet Health

Dog on boat Giving your pet vitamins or pet supplements is an important step in the process, they need supplementation just like you do. The reason for this is, pet food companies use ingredients that have minimum nutritional requirements for growing, adult dogs and cats. These ingredients include a lot of grains, slaughterhouse waste and cheap fillers that are void of nutrition. The industry does not let anything go to waste if it is unfit for human consumption it's good for animals! Quite simply, they are used because they can be turned into a profit easily. These low grade components contribute to obesity being high in carbohydrates and containing way too much fiber, which is very difficult for dogs and cats to digest. You can generally look at a dogs stool and tell the quality of their food. The looser the stool the lower the nutritional value of their food and the more fiber it has.

Poor Pet Nutrition and Pet Health

In years past our pets used to have fewer health problems, they were able to regulate their food intake to naturally maintain normal weight. Statistically if we look at all the many breeds of dogs and cats, we can predict that at a minimum 30 - 40% are going to be overweight or obese from over eating nutritionally deficient foods. Most pet foods contain as much as 40% to 60% carbohydrates which are way too much for optimum health. In fact dogs and cats require no carbohydrates at all. Therefore, determining proper pet nutrition, what to feed, the right amount to feed, and how often to feed will actually require some thought. Your goal when feeding is optimum pet nutrition. Optimum pet nutrition and your pets' wellness is not going to happen by just grabbing a bag or can of food off the shelf and filling the bowl up each day. Dogs and cats are still carnivores and even though the animal its self has changed over time their digestive anatomy and physiology has remained the same. Their relatively simple and short digestive tracts require that they be fed the ancestral diet that was naturally selected over time. That diet consists of high protein, low to moderate fat an almost no carbohydrates.


Two Dogs "Overfeeding puppies and kittens increases their total number of fat cells, making them more susceptible to cat and dog obesity as adults. Never allow your puppies and kittens to put weight on too fast. They will pay for it the rest of their lives." Dr. William Barnett DVM

Guaranteed Optimum Nutrition and Pet Health

Dr. Barnett Developer of VetBalance pet supplements advocates three elements to achieve optimum pet health and longevity:

  1. Controlling glucose levels and insulin spikes.
  2. Reducing free radical oxidation responsible for premature cell death.
  3. Reducing the quantity of food, while increasing its quality.
He designed his pet supplement to accomplish these goals by incorporating antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients into a condensed formula, allowing pets to eat less while still receiving proper amounts of essential nutrients.

A small amount of VetBalance on a daily basis can:

  • Convert a minimally balanced diet into a fully nutritional meal.
  • Assure that essential nutrients needed for optimum pet health are present.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of lasting pet health and longevity
  • Reduce the need for frequent visits to the vet.
  • Unlike most pet supplements VetBalance doesn't just target one area of pet health. VetBalance Targets Them All!

Here Is What You Can Expect

  • Increased energy
  • Better appetite
  • Healthy skin and shinier coat
  • Reduced itching, scratching and shedding
  • Stronger muscles
  • Improved joint health
  • Enhanced overall pet health
  • Increased length of life

Canine and feline wellness pet supplements are an easy-to-use, great tasting powder that can be added to any pet food or in the case of Pro Joint Formula are tasty tabs that can easily be used as treats.

For Optimum Nutrition and Optimum Pet Health for your Dog or Cat Order below with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


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